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10 Social media tasks to hand off to a VA today

By now I’m sure you’ve heard that you need to be showing up CONSISTENTLY on social media to get in front of your audience and build that know-like trust factor. Being consistent takes time, energy, and dedication. 


  • Posting, even when you are in the middle of a launch or when you are on vacation. 
  • Always knowing what to post, when to post it, and most importantly where to post it.
  • Keeping up on the algorithm changes that seem to happen every time you think you’ve finally figured out the latest update.
  • Responding to comments and engaging with fans
  • Creating killer graphics that are *on brand* and eye-catching
  • The list goes on and on…


Are you avoiding posting because you just don’t know what to talk about? Or maybe you are simply starting to dread posting to social media because it’s taking up so much of your time? 


I’m going to guess that you became an entrepreneur because you LOVE the thing your business is built around and you wanted to create the life of your dreams on your terms… not because you wanted to be chained to the desk in your home office trying to figure out what to post on your social media accounts. Am I right? 


There has to be a better way.


Fortunately, you do not have to be an expert at all things and you certainly don’t have to do it all, all by yourself. I love this quote from Claire Zammit: “We don’t become ourselves by our self”. It’s true for your business too! 


Your business will grow exponentially when you stop trying to do everything by yourself and turn your focus to YOUR zone of genius and get help in the areas that aren’t.


If you’re ready to hand over your social media to a reliable virtual assistant here is a list of 10 social media tasks you can hand over today:


  1. Scheduling Social Media Posts – using a social media scheduling app and/or the native scheduler to post and schedule content in advance
  2. Social Media Post Engagement – replying to comments on posts and engaging with other relevant posts on your behalf
  3. Social Media Group Management– supporting your groups to ensure the group is following guidelines and offering support 
  4. Social Media & Inbox Management– responding as appropriate and escalating when needed
  5. Content Calendar Management – ensuring posts are created according to the calendar you have created
  6. Social Media Graphics Creation – use branded templates to create graphics for posts
  7. Content Research – research assigned topics 
  8. Content Creation / Content Proofreading – some VA’s offer content creation
  9. Hashtag Research – research relevant hashtags for brand topics
  10. SEO Research / Keyword Research – research relevant keywords to help with SEO


Handing off these social media tasks will save you time and make you money by ensuring you are getting in front of your ideal client no matter where she is hanging out.

If you are ready to start outsourcing your social media but don’t know where to start, I invite you to book a no-obligation 30-minute consultation with me here.

10 Social media tasks to hand off to a VA today.