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I love Pinterest. Its one of my favorite platforms and I use it all the time. 

When I’m in a rut with dinners – Pinterest! 

When I’m looking for inspiration for adding to my garden – Pinterest! 

When I’m wanting some fun seasonal activities to do with my kids – Pinterest! 


You get the point. I’m sure you’re already asking yourself “how do recipes and DIY help my business”? To be honest, these topics probably don’t help – unless you are a food blogger or DIYer – but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have Pinterest as part of your overall business strategy. I use the platform all the time in my VA work.


When I’m searching for style trends for client work – Pinterest!

When I’m searching for information related to certain topics for clients – Pinterest!

When I’m looking for new training’s and courses that I might be interested in – Pinterest!


Pinterest is SO MUCH MORE than recipes and DIY! It is a powerful platform and your business needs to be making the most of it. Its time to forget everything you think you know about the Pinterest platform.  


I want to let you in on a not so little secret – Pinterest is a visual search engine and NOT a social media platform.


Pinterest uses keywords to rank search results. What does that mean for your business? It means you have organic reach by knowing what your audience is searching for and using those keywords and phrases to help the search engine find your post.


Maybe even more important to note is that 97% of searches on the platform are UNBRANDED. This shows us that users are not searching for brand names like “Tiffany McCoy Virtual Services”, instead, they are using keywords and searching for things like “how to hire a social media virtual assistant”. The platform is then returning results in the same way that Google does – by ranking keywords from board titles, board descriptions, pin titles and pin descriptions.


This is incredible for your business! It levels the playing field when it comes to getting in front of your audience and gives you the strongest organic reach of any platform your audience is using. On this platform, there is no need to “pay to play” or build a strategy around getting likes. Instead, you get in front of your audience by knowing your audience and using their language (keywords/phrases) to rank in searches paired with eye-catching graphics your ideal client can’t wait to click on.


Here are a few other stats that show the true power of the Pinterest platform for you to connect and sell to your audience – 


  • Pinterest boasts 320+ Million users each month, ⅓ are US-based
  • 71% of users are Female, of that 83% are age 25-54
  • 89% of US-based pinners use Pinterest on the path to purchase
  • 47% log in specifically to shop
  • 97% of searches are UNBRANDED 
  • 63% say Pinterest helps them DISCOVER brands & what to buy
  • 9/10 users say Pinterest is a positive place
  • Users spend an average of 14.2 mins per session on the platform



After looking at these numbers it’s easy to conclude that Pinterest is a powerhouse platform that can benefit any type of business, not just food bloggers and DIYer’s. 


Remember –  it’s not just another social media platform and it cannot be treated like one. Carefully researched keywords paired with eye-catching graphics will bring you right to your ideal client’s screen and while they are spending those 14+ minutes on the platform, there is a very good chance they will be clicking through to your post. 


People are coming to Pinterest to SHOP and they are searching for your thing in generic, unbranded terms… Is your thing there for them to find?


Using tried and tested Pinterest strategies paired with Keyword optimization, beautifully designed graphics, and engaging pin descriptions I can help you get in front of and connect with your audience on a platform they already know, love, and use. Click here to get FREE, full access to my digital resources library including my Pin Creation Cheat Sheet.

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