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Words from Current and Past Clients

“Tiffany has been absolutely amazing to work with! From the very beginning, she’s always been focused and able to take on any task I gave her. She’s a great communicator and I loved that I always knew I could give her tasks and know they would be done well and on time. Truthfully, Tiffany is more than a VA. She’s incredibly capable and organized, she knows online business, consistently seeks to learn new skills so she can better support her clients, and she’s gifted at taking an idea and figuring out how to make it happen (and how to make it successful). If you’re looking for a VA who can grow with your business and help your business grow to that next level with ease, I highly recommend Tiffany.” 

-Becky McCleery, OBM

“Tiffany helped me clean up and streamline my funnel in a way that really made sense to me. She reminded me that less is more in terms of calls to action, length of emails, and what people really need to know upfront. It was really helpful to get her eyes and thoughts of the sequence of things and what I could do to optimize the emails I send out to people when they first join my list. She also made me aware of some things I had missed and made me amplify and use my tagline more which was super helpful. I definitely recommend her if you’re looking for help with your funnel!”

– Novalee, Virtual Business Owner


“I’ve know Tiffany for 6 years, and worked with her on many different projects, She is always prompt, organized, and professional. She takes the time to really understand the needs of a given project and has the follow through to complete it in a timely manner. You can not go wrong working with her.”

-Michelle Wammock


“Tiffany takes those tasks that us entrepreneurs are drowning in and make them seem so easy! She is able to take that mess of a brain you have and turn it into order. I’m so thankful for how she helped me in my own organizational chaos.”

-Mel Parsons, Parsons Team Seattle 


“Tiffany provided proof reading and editing services for my Digital course. It was a very seamless process. She understood my needs and was very intentional about exceeding them. Great communication and very flexible. I look forward to working with Tiffany again!”

-Tamkara Adun, Online Business Owner & Course Creator 


“THANK YOU for today. Seriously thank you! I have had this platform since November and I’m finally starting to not feel overwhelmed by it. You made today super easy for those of us who are looking for the FGF for Dummies!! Ha! I finally feel like I know what I’m doing after today. Thank you!!!”

-Jamie Bendorf, Funnel Gorgeous Funnel User



“Tiffany is awesome to work with. I gave her an outline of my webinar slides in a google doc and she effortlessly created the slides for me in Canva. She is thorough, supportive, attentive to detail, and helps you complete those dreaded tasks on your list with ease. I also love that she is there to answer your questions and the support you feel when you work with her. Definitely recommend! ” 

-Lisa Laura – Creative Consultant & Personal Coach

I wanted to share my thoughts about working with Tiffany. I took a couple of her classes on learning how to do a lead magnet funnel. It was a great investment in time for me. I couldn’t put together anything from start to finish. I had several offers that were sitting in my FG Funnels and was so confused about each step.

Her training walked me through step by step with instructions and she explained everything. I took notes and did some right along with her. However, the magic happened when I set down and pulled out her notes and chose to start at the beginning and do it in order. I created my products, my offers, my triggers, my campaigns and my funnels. I couldn’t believe it!!! I had done it and was so proud of myself as I am not that techy and had been putting this off for months.

All I can say is the way Tiffany teaches and answers your questions make you feel at ease and not stupid. Thank you so much Tiffany. You have helped me so much and I am on my way to building a few more funnels for the other lead magnets I have. You are amazing and what you know may seem simple to you but others of us don’t know it. Thanks for your expertise!

-Angie Rose, Health Coach

“Tiffany has been a joy to work with and a total rock star with content requirements, audience needs, and communication on delivering a great experience for students.  Thanks, Tiffany!” 

-Lynn Jeffries, LinkedIn Expert